1. Sarah wants to use my pedals..


  2. Froggy rocking the #sony headphones. Photo by @grooveinsight


  3. From the great philosopher, James “bob”


  4. Another of Chicago. Alleys.


  5. Party on the weekend. Gettin that clean Nylon #guitar sound with #shure #ksm141 thru a UA 6176 engineered by @grooveinsight


  6. Laying down some nylon #guitar today in the home #studio #shure #km137 into #universalaudio #610B pre #1176 comp. can’t get much cleaner #brazilian #rosewood #beauty


  7. Sausage anyone?


  8. Free L.A. Summer Shows 2014


    One of the best parts of summertime here in Los Angeles are all of the free live music shows going on around town. We’re gonna make things easier for you by compiling a massive list of shows that you can catch for the low low price of free! We’ll also keep updating this list as more shows continue popping up every so often. Bookmark it an we’ll also have this page listed on the sidebar to the right.

    Well, lets get to it!

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  9. Epic

    (via eatprayqueeef)


  10. failnation:

    This looks like a soft spot to land


  11. #upsidedowndog


  12. Sometimes just gotta roll like this. #ballin